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This website was created to be a resource to help Gamers (we all started out as Gamers long before we got into the industry), Gaming Insiders (eSports, Mobile, Console, PC; AAA or Indie), and last but not least the Gaming Hired Guns (the support ecosystem of agencies, consultants, freelancers, reviewers and journalists.)


I will add blog content that caters to all three types of audiences. 


Professionally I have had the pleasure to work on free-to-play, subscription and premium-priced games as an in-house marketing leader at both Electronic Arts and RockYou (an early competitor to Zynga) as well as a consultant and agency to such game studios as Jagex, Bush League Games, across platforms ranging from PC and Facebook to mobile and VR.


Lastly I also led branding and marketing for consumer survey platform Samplify, and before that for advertising technology platforms ShareThis, PubMatic and Yahoo..

I hope you find the content valuable and informative, and welcome your feedback and special requests.

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