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The following are resources that I personally find most helpful for video game industry news and buzz, consumer insights, play testing, discoverability, making video games, video game marketing, app store optimization, and publishing best practices, etc.


Analytics and Business Intelligence:

  • Deltadna.com – They maintain an array of regularly refreshed blogs, case studies, retention/monetization/engagement guides, etc.
  • Swrve.com – I like their range of free resources such as Webinars, Monetization reports, etc.
  •  Microstrategy.com – They maintain a list of high-quality guides, research reports, use cases, and user stories, etc.
  •  Airship.com – They do a great job of explaining the high-level basics of in-app messaging, push notifications, etc. To help developers drive long-term and ongoing engagement and retention.


  • SensorTower: another great mobile analytics and optimization analytics tool


  • AppTweak: they provide some of the most advanced app store optimization tools. These span app store search, creative, description and overall organic discovery optimization.

Industry Buzz and News:

  • Deconstructors of Fun – They maintain a regularly updated array of podcasts on wide-ranging topics.  These include blockbuster hit teardowns (what worked & what didn’t?) to detailed reviews, along with best practices of popular ad channels (Google UAC, Facebook Advertising, etc.).
  • Businessofappscom – They publish industry news and buzz. From the latest industry mega-mergers/acquisitions, to security/privacy updates/implications (of changes like GDPR, CCPA, etc.).  These include mobile app Revenue/Usage Statistics, webinars, and so much more. 
  • Gamasutra.com – They focus on industry news pertaining to video game studio news and buzz. Topics you want to know about including video gaming jobs, hiring, restructures, etc. 

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