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A former game marketing leader at RockYou and EA, I love working with game designers, producers, and publishers to decipher the true “voice of the customer”; inform gameplay, marketing & publishing; to create high-monetizing breakout hits and market success.



Services we provide include:

  • Consumer Insights (Concept, Branding/Visual Identity, Messaging, User Acceptance, CSAT/NPS)
  • Media & Public Relations (PR/Influencer, Bloggers, Reviewers)
  • User Acquisition (Organic/SEO/ASO and Paid)
  • Engagement & Monetization (Evergreen & Seasonal Promotion, Brand/Partner Insertion)
  • Community Management & Activation (Discord, Twitch, Youtube, Twitter
  • Monetization Strategy (Subscription, F2P In App Purchase, Premium Download, Advertising)


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