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Get Ready to Level Up Your Video Game Marketing Skills

If you are reading this, I would venture to say you fall into one or more of the three following buckets.

Bucket #1.  You Are a Gamer (console, PC, mobile, shooters, eSports, battle royale, RPG, puzzle, etc)


Bucket #2. You Develop, Market or Publish Games (Steam, App Store, Google Play, Amazon, etc) 

You are involved in video game marketing and video game publishing and hope to learn something about WHAT or HOW, the Do’s and Don’ts of game marketing and publishing.


Bucket #3. You  WANT to Work in Video Games

You are aspiring to work in Game Development, Game Competitive eSports, or Game Support Ecosystem (Creative/PR/Media/Advertising Agency, UX Design, Reporters/Journalists/Reviewers, and more) – to make game discoverability and gamer engagement a reality.

If you said Yes to at least ONE of these three buckets, keep reading.


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